What Is The Sound Of Dorian?

Dorian is the second mode in the major scale but what is the sound of Dorian?

I’m not talking about what does it sound like when you play the scale, that’s pretty easy to get down. What I’m talking about is how would you use that scale to make a bass line or a groove?

Being able to take a scale and make music with it should be one of your main goals.

At first you can do this by learning or copying another bass line that uses that same scale, technique or approach… but eventually you will want to be able to make music yourself with it.

The key notes to me in the Dorian scale is the minor chord tones with the major 6th.. especially the minor 3rd and major 6th. I recorded this bass line as an example for you to check out.

Take a listen and let me know what you think about it.

Does this sound like the Dorian scale or mode to you?

Are there any things that stand out or don’t make sense to you about it?

PDF Bass Clef & Tab versions are in theBass Toolkit Area

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