Please Use This Powerful FREE Bass Toolkit

Filled With Tips, Tricks, “Hacks,” and Tools… Responsibly!

The Most Valuable FREE Bass Resources EVER!

Earnest Jackson here. Teacher to professional bass players – and dozens of people who love to groove for fun at home.

Listen, I can’t let you embark on your journey to bass playing mastery empty handed…

So I created this custom tailored toolkit, filled with all the essentials you need to start kicking your practice into high gear — without the hassle of constantly searching for that one missing piece.

Inside Your Tool-Kit, You’ll Discover…

  • Printable PDF of quintessential blog post resources
  • Walking bass lines for jamming, grooving and writing songs FAST
  • Comprehensive bass transcriptions that you can refer to anytime you need a refresher
  • Play-along scale library that you can use for warm-ups, tuning or just extra practice
  • Cheat codes for expertly tuning your bass in half the time
  • An inside look at fundamental blues bass lines plus matching play-alongs (coming soon)
  • The complete field guide for taking your love of bass out into the musical world (Easily worth the price of the whole package! Oh wait, I forgot – It’s free!)

Pair your tool-kit with our The Complete Bass Player Course series for an unstoppable path to success… Or simply add it to your own practice regimen for FREE

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