The Complete Bass Player Course

Your Road Map To Total Musical Mastery For Bass

The Essentials

New to the bass life? Start here!

This comprehensive guide is your jumping off point for mastering bass playing basics like scales, arpeggios, modes and music theory so you can fine tune your natural musical prowess.

Experienced? Never hurts to revisit the classics.

The Sight Reader

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to kick-off the training wheels and wobble your way through your first set of sheet music.

This self-paced offering is guaranteed to sharpen your skills with every go around.

The Technical Tune Up

In the world of bass playing, there is no finish line.

Instead, it’s a constantly evolving path filled with new skills and fresh discoveries.

Here are my best groovy & technical bass lines guaranteed to launch you into uncharted musical territories, and make you a more versatile player

What’s Included

Over 350 Videos

Over 120 Play-Along & Backing Tracks

Private Community Group

Free Updates Forever

It’s the equivalent of two year’s lessons!

The Choice Is Yours…

Pick whichever version of the course is right for you!

Monthly Payment

3 monthly payments of $40 USD

Single Payment

1 Payment – $99 USD

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