Your A – Z Roadmap From Bass Playing Basics
To Musical Mastery

You Wouldn’t Hit The Road Without Directions

So Why Are You Trying To Learn Bass Without A Guide?

Let’s face it, trying to learn a new instrument is hard enough – even if you’re NOT improvising the whole thing as you go along. If you have ever learned a song from YouTube or a one-off lesson and felt like you didn’t know “what” you were playing, you already know…

“Learning information without getting directions is like trying to find your way on a deserted highway using nothing but a broken compass. No fun.”

At The Complete Bass Player, I help you learn bass and give you the directions to understand “what” you’re learning, so you can take your own path and still get where you want to go.

The Complete Bass Player learning to play bass without directions. You need a map and a guide to learn the bass.

The Complete Bass Player Course Is That Guide

Books for The Complete Bass Player Course. There are three books that make up this one course; The Essentials, The Sight-Reader, The Technical Tune up. Grab your copy today and start learning!

Every journey is a heck of a lot faster (and more fun) if you have a trusty companion to come along with you and keep you headed in the right direction.

The Complete Bass Player Course is that guide.

A collection of 20+ years of teaching wisdom, wrapped up in 3 self-paced books, over 350 videos, and tons of hands-on learning tools designed so you can chart your own path towards musical mastery on your own terms.

Whether you’ve just started learning and can’t make heads or tails out of all those free online tutorials… Or you’re a seasoned musician looking to elevate your existing skills…

The Complete Bass Player Course was made for you

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