Major Modes Explained in Under 7 Minutes!

Have you struggled to learn the major modes in the past? If so you are not alone. 

In this episode I go over the major modes, chord function, and diatonic chord nomenclature. Watch the video to have the Major Modes explained in under 7 minutes!

I have found from teaching this to my students over the years that this is something we have to go over many times before it becomes clear to them, so if you don’t understand it right away don’t sweat it. Just take a couple of days and think about it, then come back and re-watch the video. The repetition of going over this will help you to understand it.

“Repetition is the Mother of All Learning” – Old Romanian Proverb

Another thing that can help you learn this is to write this out as you are going through the video. You may just watch the video the first couple of times to get the information and then try writing it out with the video. 

Once you are comfortable with this in the key of C Major try writing it out in a different Key. You can use the circle of fourths to help you pick your next key. Keep working on this until you can write it out and explain in in all twelve keys. 

Clockwise around the circle equals circle of 4ths, going counter clockwise will give you the circle of 5ths.

If you don’t understand the modes and want to learn them in a more in depth way you should consider going through The Complete Bass Player Course. You will learn the major modes and a whole bunch of really useful stuff to help you become a better bass player and musician.

PDF Bass Clef & Tab versions are in theBass Toolkit Area

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