Route 66 Walking Bass Line

This Route 66 walking bass line uses a lot of chromatic-ism in it. Half step, double chromatic approach, triple chromatic approach… they are all in there, plus 5 to 1 resolutions, enclosures, and some rhythmic development. A good walking bass line will perform its basic function (set good time and outline harmony) and will be […]

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So What Walking Bass Line

This week for Walking Wednesdays we worked our way through the classic tune ‘So What’. The whole song is really just two chords a D-7 and Eb-7. It seems like that should make it easier but it actually makes it a little more difficult. I really liked all of the lines that you guys wrote and hope

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Autumn Leaves

This week we are going to work through Autumn Leaves for our walking bass line. This tune is mainly made up of a – ii V7 I – in major and a – ii-7b5 V7 i – in the relative minor. In measures 19-20 the Eb7, and Db7 are tri-tone chord substitutions. Without those substitutions

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April Fools Blues

I like that our first walking bass line is going to take place on April fools! The walking bass line this week will be a F blues. I will put a link for the PDF below that you can download.  April Fools Blues – Lead sheet for Blues in F Remember to use the hashtag #walkingwednesdays If

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Walking Wednesdays

Walking Wednesdays is a crowd sourced walking bass line. Using social media we can create some truly unique walking bass lines all while learning from each other and having fun in the process. Sound like fun? You may be saying to yourself this does sound like fun but how exactly will that work? I mean we can’t

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